Messaging Apps for Couples

Today I want to write a short post about messaging apps for couples. For modern-day couples these kind of messaging apps can be advantageous. Especially in situations where a spouse travels for work, or where the couple is in a long distance relationship.

A Private Space for Couples to Share

The most famous couple messaging apps are Avocado, Between and Couple. Another one called FeelMe is currently in the making. All these apps provide a private space for couples to share messages, photos, voice mails and videos. The advantage compared to classical texting is that you have dedicated app for your spouse, which you only have to open and can start texting right away (without searching for her/him). Some couples value a dedicated app where private moments and the history of their messaging texts are kept.

Between App for Couples

Special Features for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

However, since the benefits above alone might not be enough for some, most of these apps also offer shared to-do lists, sketches, albums and calendars. Further, apps like Couple and Avocado even offer “touch” features, showing when the other person is touching the phone. This should make the other person feel closer, even when she/he might be thousands of miles away due to a long distance relationship.

All couples apps above have a pretty nice design and user interface. If you are in search of a private messaging app for your spouse, try them out, and see which one best fits your need.


Stickers Are Fun But Will Make Messaging More Expensive

One of the major messaging trends currently are stickers. In addition to standard emoticons which are often provided by an operating system (iOS, RIM, etc.) or even by a messaging app, a lot of messaging services nowadays are adding all sorts of stickers.

Stickers allow a more individual expression

Stickers can be everything that enable a more funny and more individual expression: Things like nicer emoticons, comic figures, popular toy heroes and lovely animals are typical examples. Many stickers are actually made by famous artists and designers. Since the sticker trend emerged in Asia, many popular stickers are pretty unfamiliar in Western Cultures.

Stickers are one of the main messaging trends of this year

WeChat, Line, Viber, Path and KakaoTalk are just some of many messaging apps following that trend. For them it is a great way to monetize their app, since the stickers are sold in packages which normally cost between $1 and $2. Users in Asia seem to love stickers and often buy several of these packages. That generates millions of dollars of revenue for some of these messaging apps.


Stickers get expensive but there are alternatives for more personal expression

In general stickers are fun, and probably we will regularly see new stickers and designs. The possibilities here are basically endless. The question is, if stickers might be just a short term trend? Well, some users like teenagers will always enjoy sending new stickers…especially to close friends and family. However, the majority of users might get bored of them and will hesitate spending money on a relatively expensive feature.

In order to make messaging more personal and enable users to better express themselves, there are also other innovations on the way: Grouptime now allows sending messages with personal fonts and themes. More on that in one of the next articles.